Additional Information

Viaduct – Rail Park 

Duration: 11 months 


Category – Carpentry / Elevated Rail conversion 

Athena contracting Inc. performed the carpentry work at the elevated rail park including decks, swings, benches, and walk ways. We provided and installed specially designed steel landscaped retaining walls, IPE decking for walkways, 4 architecturally designed and magnificent multilevel platforms using 12 x 12 Ipe timbers some of which span 20 ft long. The slanted backrest at various angles made from Ipe decking added a unique look. The backrests were all supported with an array of structural detail using steel and pressure treated lumber. Using numerous dimensions of the Ipe lumber allowed us to create the swings and benches. To complete the project we implemented the use of cranes, lifts, and various equipment to lift heavy material up onto the elevated rail.